Read it like a label. Scan it like an RFID chip.

TrazeTag® tags by Etiflex® do both and keep performing under the most strenuous conditions.


TrazeTag® Tags by Etiflex® are Durable

We have developed a patent-pending process to embed an RFID chip into tough rubber tags.
The durable rubber can endure intense exposure to heat, water and handling.
Top Manufacturers in Aerospace and Construction use the visual-only version of these labels in tough conditions.

Tags by Etiflex® Combine Your Primary Label Types

Don’t pay twice for a visual label and a separate RFID chip.
By combining your purchase you save money, you save time, and you protect your RFID chip.


Any Type of RFID

The TrazeTag® tags by Etiflex® utilize a patent-pending method of protecting RFID chips. 
Virtually any type of passive RFID chip from any manufacturer can be embedded with our process.
The decision of which chip to include is made based on your company's needs.




Made to Fit

TrazeTag® tags by Etiflex® are meant to fit your needs and your assets. All tags are customizable (color, shape, logo, serial numbering etc.) Furthermore, the tags are flexible to fit tanks, cylinders and any object shape.




The TrazeTag® Difference

TrazeTag® tags by Etiflex® offer additional value compared to the other products available on the market today. TrazeTag® tags by Etiflex® are:
  • Better than metal tags because they are durable, don’t scratch and are flexible.
  • Better than printed tags because of the molding process:  TrazeTag® tags by Etiflex® won’t wear off!
  • Price competitive! TrazeTag® tags by Etiflex® provide durability and traceability at an affordable price.

To order your TrazeTag® identification tags, call as toll free at +1.866.ETIFLEX or at +1.305.824.9078. You can also go to our Rapid Quote Page.

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