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What is TrazeTag?

What is TrazeTag?

TrazeTag offers its customers customizable Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags, RFID readers 
and software to track information about valuable assets. 

This means that our customers do not have to do the work of getting different  suppliers for each part of the tracking system, because we provide them all the parts (tags, readers and software) so they can focus on what they do best and we do the rest.

What is different about TrazeTag?

TrazeTag has developed a way to embed an RFID chip into tough rubber tags. The durable rubber can endure exposure to heat, water and handling. The RFID chip can carry important information. TrazeTag can customize the color and shape of the tags to meet the customer needs. This product can come paired with RFID readers and software as needed. 

Why are TrazeTags better?

TrazeTags Are:

TrazeTag tags offer additional value compared to the other products available on the market today. Based on market research, TrazeTag tags are:


 Better than metal tags because they don’t scratch, but are durable

Better than printed tags because of the molding process: TrazeTags won’t wear off

TrazeTag provides durability and traceability at an affordable price!